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Welcome to bedashed. This site is all about loving our God. We strive in finding content that encourages your faith walk, daily. Explore the site and be blessed today!

Daily Devotional:

Doing Good
Oct 30 2014

Doing good to others is very important to God. Paul uses strong language to communicate this point.

Weekly Sermon:

Fearless 1
Oct 30 2014

Latest Worship:

Buried In The Grave
Oct 30 2014

Time with God

Time is essential in our relationship with God and most of us have a hard time finding the time. Bedashed is a Daily Devotional Blog that gives you easy ways to connect with God. A quick bible verse to get you going, a daily devotional to start your day, a worship song for lunch, some scripture reading before dinner and a weekly sermon to get you focused. There are many features such as prayer journal, praise journal, access to the Word, reading plans, devotionals, worship music, weekly sermons and more. We scour the web to find the best Christian content that encourages and nurtures our visitors in a God life style.

Journal Prayers

Bedashed provides a Free Online Prayer Journal application to keep track of your prayers and a praises. It's place where you can love Jesus, privately and in communion with others. Be blessed (bedashed) today! Connect with God. He wants your heart! Get started today!

Latest Praises:

Oct.18/2014 at 23:46

I praise you God for laughter with friends and family. Such a blessing to enjoy times with amazing people!

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Copyright 2014 Sholomoh Media Inc.